Lady Jacqualine Savanna Boles is a native of Seattle, Wa.  A 1990 graduate of James A. Garfield High School in Seattle, Wa. , a 1994 graduate of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and a 1999 graduate of Seattle University in Seattle, Wa.   She holds a Bachelor and Masters of Science Degrees in Nursing.  She is a Certified  Family Nurse Practitioner working with the Tiny Tots Development Center, an Early Learning Center that her mother founded in 1969.  She is currently the Director of Family and Health Services and focuses on children with Special Needs.

Lady Boles is the daughter of the late Bishop James E. Hicks and the late Missionary Helen B. Hicks, Founders of the Unity Church of God In Christ.  She had a calling upon her life from her birth, as her mother almost suffered miscarriage of her several times before she came into this world in 1972.  Lady Boles has fond memories of being a Pastor’s Kid, being raised in the church and working for the Lord at an early age.  She has worked in every capacity of the church, preparing her for her role today as First Lady of the Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal Church.

In 2008, Lady Boles went through a traumatic experience that caused her to wake up and answer the call of God on her life.  She still did not heed the call immediately, but found herself wanting to seek the Lord the more for herself.  In 2011, She answered the Lord, and said “Yes”, I will follow you and do your will. 

Lady Boles prayed to the Lord in January of 2012, and wrote the Lord a letter asking him to send her the “Right Husband”!  She wrote 32 characteristics that she wished for her husband to possess, and God answered her prayers.  He sent her the Dr. Lawrence Christopher Boles, III and they married August 18, 2012.

They began their ministry with themselves and four other members on August 19, 2012.  God has blessed their ministry tremendously thus far and continues to open doors that they don’t have room to receive.  Lady Boles loves to sing for the Lord and work with the Seniors of the church.  She has a special anointing upon life, causing lives to be change when experiencing her singing of God’s praises.  Through her anointed singing, God has caused souls to be saved and bodies to be healed and delivered.  Currently she serves as the President of the Women’s Department and the Praise and Worship Coordinator for the Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal Church.

Family and Friends describe Lady Boles as being “real” and a true worshiper for God.  She is thankful for the trials God has brought her through and is looking forward to a Bright Future in him. Together, her and Dr. Boles have 1 daughter and 5 sons.