On April 5, 2011, The Lord impressed upon the heart of Dr. Lawrence C. Boles, III the vision to establish a church and name it , “ Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal Church.  The name was inspired by the trials and tribulations that he had experienced and how God can truly “Redeem” anyone by his precious blood.  The name was also inspired after having a conversation with Minister Andre Prim who had experienced similar trials, and thus the two men agreed, “Redeemed by the Blood.”  He did not have a place to worship at the time, so God allowed him to become spiritually nurtured under the Leadership of Bishop Garry L. Tyson at the Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church.

During the summer of 2012, The Lord spoke to his grandmother Missionary Ora Winston and being spiritually led, she instructed Dr. Boles to open the doors of the church and allowed them to host their services at Bethany Temple Pentecostal church located in Seattle’s Central District. Pastor Boles, his wife Jacqualine, and their son Freddie and 4 founding members held their first service on August 19, 2012. 

God has truly continued to pour his spirit upon Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal Church, and on December 16, 2012, 
Dr. Lawrence C. Boles, III was installed by his father in law the late Bishop James E. Hicks, thus being re-named Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal Church of God in Christ.  We are thankful for all that God has blessed us with thus far and we will continue to “Seek and Save the Lost” through the word of God!  We are a church with a heart for the people.